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March 28, 2009
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Chronicles of a Dead Boy

Prologue part 2/3

When Drew opened his eyes, he was in front of the San Francisco General Hospital.  He stepped inside and began walking down the hall.  As he was walking, a beam of pure light hit off of a window and hit his eyes.  He quickly threw a hand over his eyes.  Damned light, he thought, it turns my clothes white, it follows me were ever I go, and I look like a freak’n bird.  
That was what most people saw when the saw the messengers, or reapers, or even angels as most people call them.  A man or woman clad in white with light protruding out of his or her back, and a small sickle-like knife hidden within their robes.  Sometimes, if the light is small enough, their robes appear black.  Drew laughed to himself.  The human race are infamous for thinking anything dark as opposed to anything light is evil or holy, respectively.  The messengers are holy beings, black robes and white ones alike.
He finally reached his destination, the morgue.  He slowly walked through the door, flinching.  It felt weird, like a dozen dull needles poking you.  Suddenly he was in the room, all alone.  He then saw the poor soul.  It was a newborn child, died in birth.
He took this particular duty so he wouldn’t have to see many dead beings.  Or even to have see every time someone would die, because deaths in birth are very rare.  However, it was tradition, in every death-related duty, that on his first death, him, instead of a messenger, has to take his first soul.  He hated it, but he knew he had to abide by the tradition, every one else did.
Drew then put his hand in his robes and took out a small knife. He carefully positioned the knife behind the baby’s small neck.  The baby’s eyes were closed and he almost looked like he was sleeping.  He was so peaceful.  
Drew pulled.
Suddenly, the knife glowed bright, and then the light on his back glowed with such intensity he was sure that some mortal would see it.  When he looked down, the baby’s soul was upright leaning on the blade.  Drew carefully held the soul and put the knife back in his robes.  He turned and frowned.  Instead of the light lingering on his back, it was intensified in front of him, looking like a tunnel of light.  But that wasn’t what made Drew frown.  Usually, when someone died, all of their already deceased family would be waiting there to great them.  Even if it is a baby, or even if it was going to be adopted, the adopted families deceased would be there waiting.  The thing was, the tunnel of light was just that, a tunnel of light without any other souls.  
Drew closed his eyes, thinking hard.  Finally, he sighed, and walked forward back to his holy domain.  
Holding the soul in his arms, he found himself back in front a closed white door.  He walked forward, down the hall to a flight of stairs, heading down.  After what seemed like hours worth of stairs, he finally reached a door.  On the door were hundreds of different names.


Suddenly, a booming voice rang out from behind the door.
“What are you doing, just standing around?  Come in, I don’t have time for people to just stand around in front of my office!”  Drew ran in so fast that he almost dropped the soul.  In front of him, was a large desk, the size of a big judges bench.  In a huge chair, was a man in a dark cloak.  He was completely bald, with a face, so sunken in, that Drew could clearly see his eye sockets, almost devouring his small eyes.  All Drew could do was stare.
“What is it, or do you plan to just stand here with that baby with your mouth agape!”  The man roared.
“U-uh I-I’m n-new h-he-here,” Drew stammered, “Th-this baby h-ha-has n-n-no family, no one, sir.”
“You’re the new idiot who did that ridiculous tradition, aren’t you?  If you aren‘t, then you certainly would know that it sometimes takes more than only a few seconds for a soul to go from the soul-lot, to the world of the living!” The man almost screamed at Drew.
Drew was almost at tears by this point.  “Sir, what do you want me to do?”  The man was about to scream something at him, when he heard something.  All of the sudden, a handful of men poured into the room.  They were dressed in white and had small halo sewn on their clothes.  Drew was quickly shoved into the back of the room.
“What’s going on?” Drew heard the man say, “is something wrong?”
Drew stood on his toes, and saw a short, blonde haired man, sweat almost pouring form his hairline.  Drew could tell that the man behind the chair quickly forgot about him.
“It’s Lucifer, sir, he’s rampaging!  We think he’s getting stronger.”  Drew was confused, who was Lucifer?
“Lucifer, he’s stronger?  What does…he say?”  The man on the chair replied with a curious look on his face.
“As one of the strongest…forces, he wants you to strengthen his bonds in hell.”  The man took out a handkerchief and was trying to wipe away his sweat while he talked.  The man on the bench nodded.
“Yes, of course, everyone turn around,” the man said, while searching his desk drawer, and finally taking out a small, black, glass orb, “No soul must ever see this.”  The orb had already started glowing.
Drew quickly turned around, facing the corner.  What he had just overheard had thoroughly shaken him, even though he didn’t really understand any of it.  With the baby soul still in his arms, he turned him around so that he was peering over his shoulder, and patted his back softly, though he knew it didn’t mean anything.  After what felt like an hour, the man finally spoke.
“It is done, you may leave, all of you.”  The men all turned and nodded, then left as quickly as they came.  Drew slowly turned to see the man behind the desk quickly scribbling something down.  He took a step forward, about to ask the man what to do again, when he stepped on something.  He looked down, and saw his knife.  He must of dropped it when he first came in.  As he was picking it up, the man raised his head.
“What the hell are you still doing here! Get the hell out!” He shouted.
Drew, startled, sprinted out and tripped on the stairs.  Damn it, he thought.  Drew sat up and checked the soul.  There was something weird about him, he was…glowing!  Suddenly, it felt as though the soul was being pulled away from him.  It started out small and not very strong, but it began to get harder and harder to hold on.  Drew grabbed the stair railing above him and closed his eyes, devoting all his energy to holding on to the tiny soul.  
After what felt like ten minutes of holding on, it finally stopped.  Drew took a deep breath and tried to get up, wondering what the hell just happened.  Then, he heard a sound.  It was loud and obnoxious, but at the same time, almost beautiful.  He looked around, but couldn’t find any thing.  He then looked down to make sure the baby soul was alright.  It was then he realized it:  the baby soul was crying, something only a living baby would do.
and yes, i still have one more part of the prolouge, probably way shorter.
Some of you may have thought that the last part was ok, and i guess i can agree with you, but i do not think this is as good.
please dont be that disapointed

OH and if you are not sure about some of the names, go on wikipedia, it'l tell you, but so you dont have to go searching, here are the strange names
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niice :D
i like the subject matter and the story line :D
really? thank you!
soda-rain Mar 28, 2009 That was confusing and hard to understand at first, but it was good~ Hmm, interesting soul he got there. Now to wait for the last part~
:iconninja2395: hard?
i knew it was horrible
soda-rain Mar 30, 2009
A little until I read it over again xP And no, it's not horrible at all D8 I really liked it~
:iconninja2395: many times did you have to read it over again?....
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