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Chronicles of a Dead Boy

Prologue part 3/3

Drew flew down the aisle, baby resting on his chest, crying loudly.  He almost hit three people, and more than that had shouted a complaint about the sound as he raced by.  Finally, he made it to the door.  He yanked it open, and practically flew through the portal.  He didn’t even close his eyes.
As the darkness slowly faded away, it was only then he shut his eyes.  Once he opened them, he was in front of a large, weathered, old building.  There was a small plaque next to the door with a picture of a large hand holding on to a smaller hand under the words:

San Fransisco City

Drew walked inside through the door, and slowly explored the building.  It was late at night, and everyone was asleep.  Wandering around, he found that there were twenty-seven children living in the structure, along with one middle aged woman.  
Heading back down stairs, Drew found a small desk in a small room, just a notebook, a pen, and piles and piles of bills atop it.  Next to it was a basket, filled to the brim with small knitted blankets.  Drew sighed, then took a deep breath, and picked up two of the blankets.  He wrapped the baby in one of them, then took out his knife.
When the soul started wailing, he dropped his knife.  It too was glowing.  He wasn’t as surprised then, and it was then when he figured out what had happened.  The orb!  The soul must have seen it and been resurrected, and the knife might have been hit by something from the orb!, Drew thought.  Of course, he still was confused.
“Little soul, this has never happened before,” Drew began, addressing the now sleeping baby.  He hadn’t even noticed when his screaming died off.   “But, I’m afraid something might happen to you.  I think you might want this more than I need it.”  Drew took the second blanket and wrapped it around blade.  Before he had completely covered it, Drew noticed something he had not noticed before.  In tiny letters, his name, the one originally bestowed to him, was etched on to the handle:

Drew finished wrapping it up, then focused on the pen and piece of paper.  It takes a tremendous amount of energy for a messenger to move anything in the mortal world.  He was already panting like he had ran a mile.  When he finished, he didn’t even cover a 3rd of the paper.  He ripped the page out, then ripped the section out.  He tucked the note in the folds of the blanket that was wrapped around the knife, then tucked the knife in with the baby.
Drew walked back outside, even though having to actually open the door made him out of breath for several minutes.  As he walked down the steps, a newspaper hit his leg.  One the front page, a headline read:


Drew laid the child on the front doorstep, watching the child become materialized.  He rang the doorbell five times and knocked loudly twice.  He stepped back and waited five minutes before the small, middle aged woman opened the door.  She picked up the baby and read the note.  She sighed, shook her head and turn around and walked back into the building.
Drew turned into the light that was previously residing on his back.  As he was walking back into his world, he couldn’t help but think of one thing.  Once the baby started crying, the door to the office slowly opened.  Right before Drew ran, he saw one thing, one horrible, terrifying thing.
The man behind the desk smiled.
Its finally here, the last part of the prologue.
for those that dont know what a prologue is, i am really sorry, the horror isnt over, its just beginning.
i dont think that this one is as good as the first one, but i am happy that im finally don with it
I CAN FINALLY GET TO THE FUN STUFF!!! not going to give a due date because i never actually make them...
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This is the best page yet!
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