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March 8, 2009
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Chronicles of a Dead Boy
(working title)


The huge metropolis was bustling, full of people doing their duties.  The sun shining off of the buildings like gold, and a small mist covering the ground to the point that it appears like a giant cloud with buildings.  That’s how most see it, some times even without the buildings.  
The people, dressed in white, sometimes in robes, were hurrying to and fro.  One man, however, was bumping and running through the crowds, dressed entirely in black with a hood over his head.  After ten minutes of cursing and pushing, he finally reached the edge of the city.  At the top of a hill, was his new duty.
It was large black building, rectangular and long.  The only windows on the black building was on the large white doors that served as the only entrance.  The man hurried inside, took off his coat and put it in his small cubby before going deeper inside the monster.  As he walked through the building towards his cubical, a few men introduced themselves and gave some tips.  He thanked them politely, and sprinted down the aisle, looking for his cubicle.  He was late enough as it was.  Finally, he stopped at a cubicle, bare except for a large computer and a rolling chair.  He took a few minutes to look for a name plate, then when he couldn’t find one, walked across the aisle to a coworker.  After hesitating a moment, he spoke.
“Um, hi…I’m Drew Phickel.  Uh, I was just wondering if you knew if that is my cubicle across the aisle, heh heh, I’m new.”
He turned around in his chair and stared at me for a second, before replying “Yeah, I think so.”
Drew let out a relieved breath, happy that he wasn’t mad at him for interrupting his work, and turned to leave.  Before he got into the aisle, the man spoke.
“What’s your department?” He said
“Soul birth management.” The man smiled.
“Lucky, you bring ‘em in, and I have to take ‘em out.”  With that, the man turned around and got back into his work.  Drew walked back to his cubicle and booted up his computer.  Remembering the small introduction coarse he took, he started his work.  

First soul, Tokyo, Japan, birth-successful.

It was pretty easy, all he needed to do was read a sentence, then click for the next birth.

Second soul, Manhattan, USA, birth-successful.
Third soul, Magadan, Russia, birth-successful.
Fourth soul, Darwin, Australia, birth-successful.
Fifth soul, Santos, Brazil, birth-successful.

About two and a half hours later, something interesting happened.

497th soul, Melfi, Chad, birth-successful.
498th soul, Utena, Lithuania, birth-successful.
499th soul, Prince Rupert, Canada, birth-successful
500th soul, San Francisco, USA, birth-Deceased.

With a sigh, Drew bowed his head in respect, before getting up and walking down the aisle.  On his way, he grabbed his coat, and then hurried towards a large white door with no sign to indicate what it was.  Drew took a breath, opened the door and stepped inside.  As the darkness swallowed him up, he closed his eyes.
Yeah...i did it.....this is the first part of the prolouge...YES MY PROLOGUE IS 2 CHAPTERS....yeah....

now, i realize you probably hate this so here are better stories than mine


and whole bunch of others if you go to here [link]

there you go
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soda-rain Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
ninja2395 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
realy? you like it that much?
im sorry, but i think the next part is going to be amusing than the first part.
also, i have alot to do here and im not sure if ill be able to finnish it this weekend
soda-rain Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
Of course I liked it >:U It's a lot of fun reading the stories my friends write anyways x3
Oh. Take your time, then. I don't want to rush you. Sometimes I feel like I'm a very demanding person ><;;
ninja2395 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
THANKS POST MOR of yours too, its awesome
ill try to get the next part out by the end of the week
soda-rain Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
I will, just give me some time Dx You know I'm a lazy person.
ninja2395 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
ok ok
Taru-neechan Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2009

awesome!!! what's the genre going to be??(besides fantasy)
ninja2395 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009
uhhhhh....i dont know, the two main-est characters are a boy and a girl, but i dont think there is going to be any love stuff. action, adventure, something like the you have any good idea for a name for a 14-5 yearold hobo kid with long(resting on his shoulders) raven hair that looks like hood on his head. oh and with a black or dark dark blue hoodie and an awesom dagger/nife
or a 14 year old rich but nice girl who spends her days teaching her best-friend 14-5 yearold hobo-boy.
i have no idea what their names should be...crappp...

THANKS FOR THINKING ITS COOL, even though it kinda sucks
Taru-neechan Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009
hm....japanese or western? and is this hobo boy an insomniac(that makes a big difference in my mind, somehow...)? and does he kill people?

if japanese...the girl should be Hitomi (idk, i like that name)...but again, more details would be nice ^^

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